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Hi There,

I’m Prawiro and I’m a professional in Supply Chain Management. What I do is to transform materials into finished goods into the store shelves in the shortest span of time possible and with least resource possible.

However, I find that my expertise somewhat is a hard skill that many people could learn at school and not hard to master. Knowing how to manage a logistic operation and ACTUALLY mobilize resources to achieve goals is two very different matters.

I find out that the secret to be successful in ANY discipline, be it marketing, or supply chain etc. is a strong INTRA personal skill and INTER personal skill. Intra personal skill is all about managing self, from stress, despair, life goals, mindset, character, discipline. While on the other hand, inter personal skill is about being able to relate and socialize that encompass listening, interviewing, effective communication, public speaking, empathy, mentoring, etc. I called these skills as SOFT skills, which, unfortunately not many realize that it is the soft skill that actually determine success.

The higher your level, the more soft skill you need because you work with more and more people. Many of which consist of business partners, sub-ordinates, leaders, government officials, and communities representatives.


Mainly my blog will consist of many resources on how to cultivate these soft skills, nevertheless, there are chance that you might also find posts about hardskills, like marketing, financial, and logistic management. Life experiences, books, and some online sources are the key composition of my writings. My only goal is that someone could really benefit from it.

Please kindly submit your comment and critics so I can develop this blog better in the future.

Have a nice day!

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