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Self Purposeness

One of the most frequent question we had when we’re young was “what do you want to be when you grow up?” And perhaps many of us ‘at that particular moment’ didn’t care at all about that. “We still got plenty of time, why bother?” this line of statement must had been there also.

I went to business school about 4 years ago and there was one subject that really caught my attention. It was called “people skill”. Basically, it’s all about intra and inter-personal skill. It’s about developing your social traits and self control.

One night, my lecturer asked the audiences that question and we’re supposed to answer. Many of us couldn’t answer, included me. Or to make it softer, even if we did, we weren’t sure about our answers. It is NOT easy to find a TRUE self purpose. As hard as it is, I will share 2 methods that I find useful in finding one’s self purpose.
I believe many of us have heard about that notorious Steve Jobs graduation night speech in Stanford College. I remember, there he said that he was once diagnosed of having cancer and that he was only allowed to live for several months – at most. He was devastated, confused, but somehow, at the same time he found out that he had to spend the most of his time building his dream.
1. Last Day
So, this is one technique. Ask yourself “If today is the last day of my life, what will I do? What is it that I need to do most instead of others?” Because when you’re about to die, nothing else matters. Pride is no longer a factor. Doubt is also not a factor.
Have you ever tell your loved ones that you love them? If you do, have you told them enough?
Have you do led a good life all this time?
Have you make peace to God?
Have you been valuable to your family? society? Have you give enough?
Go to somewhere private and tranquil, then ask yourself those questions over and over again until you find your answer.
2. How you want people to remember you by?
Yes, how do you want to remember you when you’ve died? Adolf Hitler is famous. And so does Mother Theresa. But people remember them different. One is dictator, biggest war criminal in mankind history, the other is a humble human being, devoted only to give and fight for the good of others.
How do you want people to remember you?
The criminal?
The sleek?
The liar?
The unfaithful?
The indifferent?
The kind?
The great?
It is all up to us. However stubborn we are, however we think we’re right. We can’t declare our reputation. What we do, how we think and talk, will then be JUDGED by others and their perception on us is our reputation.
One thing about reputation is that it is always over-estimated. It walks two steps in front of us. If you are very good in one subject, people will tend to over estimate you that you are also good at the others. It works the opposite. Lie once, and people will perceive you as all time liar. There is such thing as “LEVERAGE” if you’re talking about reputation.
To wrap things up, self purposeness is not all about career only, or finance alone. It consist of a more noble direction. And noble direction is, to be valuable for others, to give.
Have a nice day!

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